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Chriss & Cortez's Wedding
October 27th, 2019
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Cortez & Chriss
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October 27th, 2019

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Because you have shared in our lives and supported our love, we


request the pleasure of your company
at the celebration of our marriage


Sunday, October 27, 2019
at 12:00 PM


Whispering Oaks Venue
910 Red Top Road

Valley View, Texas 76272



Reception and dancing to follow

*A special menu will be provided for guests 13 and under



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Our story

Cortez and Chriss met in the Spring of 2012 at a mutual friend's birthday dinner. When Cortez saw Chriss, he knew in his heart she was the one. He went home that night and had a long conversation with God, asking Him if he could marry Chriss. God said "yes, when the time is right." 


Cortez and Chriss continued to find themselves at the same events. At one social gathering, Cortez wore a color he normally doesn't wear-yellow. Crazy how life works, because Chriss was wearing yellow too! Cortez asked Chriss for her number. Soon after, their friendship began.  


Chriss taught Cortez patience and how to value friendship with the opposite sex. Once, he tried to kiss her good night and she laughed at him. That was a blow to his ego, but none the less, he respected her. As time went by they had many conversations about life, God, and their children. Chriss was funny and smart. Cortez was a gentleman and just the companion she needed. 


After two years of friendship, they began to hold hands and date. As they grew closer, they held each other's hearts. On September 24th, 2016, Cortez asked Chriss to marry him. Chriss said yes! Much time has gone into planning and preparing for their journey as husband and wife. They can't wait to celebrate their union! 








Our family

Two special bonuses come with this union. Chriss will gain a son (Jayden Watley) and Cortez will gain a daughter (Taylor Boykin). 



Whispering Oaks Venue
910 Red Top Road Valley View, Texas 76272
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Guests will be required to put away cellphones and cameras during the ceremony, but feel free to help us preserve precious moments by uploading photos you shoot during our reception.

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