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Yashashree & Rahul's Wedding
31st January- 1st February
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31st January- 1st February

We Are Gettin’ Hitched!

Please join us
For a celebration of love, friendship,
laughter and family for the wedding ceremony of



(Son of Surendra & Pooja Sadwelkar)





(Daughter of Rajendrakumar & Priyanka Vaidya, Granddaughter of  Late Premanand & Sheela Vaidya)


Best Compliments:

Vaidya, Sadwelkar, Kini and Swar Family



31st January, Friday
7 PM onwards
Location: Ajvi Ocean

Dress Code: Look like a desi, move like a desi



  Wedding Ceremony  

1st February, Saturday
4 PM onwards

Muhurat Time: 5.15 PM
Location: Ajvi Ocean
Dress Code: Me Marathi



  Meet & Greet  

1st February, Saturday
7 PM onwards
Location: Ajvi Ocean

Dress Code: Be Videsi

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Hello Guys,


This is Yashashree here. As you guys are invited to be a part of one of the most important days of our lives, we thought you should get to know us a little better. I know a lot of you may know this in and out, but there are many others we hid it from (ofcourse, we were kids and probably our parents would kick us out of the house. LOL). So here is our small little story, our journey to this day. I am not the best writer so please bear with me. 


How we met (2008)


We did not randomly choose Karwar as a town to get married at. Rahul and I actually met in Karwar at the yearly Hanuman Jatra in 2008. I was only 14 and he was 16. It was a typical scenario where cousins and friends tried to set us up. Post the jatra, we pretty much lost touch.

A year and a half later, I randomly received a message from Rahul on Facebook. Since that day, 10 PM became our standard time to catch up every night on FB and; soon we were closer than ever. 



Our first date, Prom and the Never-ending long distance(2010)


Our first date popped up as a competition over who could eat more red dragon chicken at Candies. Pretty unusual I know but this was not the only crazy thing we would do. FYJC, I asked Rahul to go with me to the Prom. This day was 20 days to the time Rahul was to leave for Italy for his further studies. We made fun of people all night and giggled over the most random things we saw. The prom ended and little did I know, Rahul proposed to me right after.

It was going to be a long distance, I knew what I was getting into but I still said yes! 

This is where our never ending long distance love story began. Rahul was in Italy for 4 years. Every summer vacation we would spend time together, do trips and the rest of the year skype with sleepless nights saved our relationship. 

It ofcourse did not end there, he came back and soon after I left for Australia for two years. Every time we would meet, we would value the time we had at hand and each other even more. Surely the distance made our heart grow fonder.


Destiny soon got us both back to where we started. Out of 9 years that we have been together, we were mostly in different countries for 6 years of it. Safe to say, we pretty much nailed the long distance! 


I suppose there are some people you connect with in ways you wouldn't imagine. I wouldn't call us a conventional mushy couple, we are wayyy opposite to that. But I will say today, we have understood trust, understanding, respect and love better than anything and I wouldn't trade our journey for the world. 



The proposal (2019)


But our journey ofcourse couldn't end there. A trip to Pondicherry, turned the tables from ''dating'' to ''being engaged''. 

To what you may call this, luck or telepathy; Rahul and I randomly decided that we both wanted to propose to each other on this very trip. Ofcourse, we ensured utmost secrecy and hid it from one another. 

On the 21st of April 2019, while we were both making our secret arrangements for the proposal, Rahul got ahead of me and went down on his knees first. I immediately got my ring out of my purse and I went down my knees too. 

It was one of a kind, the setting was perfect and this very situation was the best proposal we both could have imagined. 

We left pondicherry ''Engaged'' and with some of the best memories that will remain etched forever. 


All our functions will be held at:
Ajvi Ocean

We know Karwar is not the most expected town to have a wedding function at. So here are some guidelines to help you make an easy decision about your travel.

The closest airport to Karwar is Goa. From here, you need to take a private taxi to Karwar. The airport has fixed rate options and it takes about 2 hours. We can help you with some taxi options if you need.

Typically, if you are travelling from Mumbai, the journey should take you about 12 hours. About 5-6 hours from Mangalore and around 10 hours from Bangalore.

Train can be a very comfortable and best option for most. The train station in Karwar is just 15-20 mins from the main areas. There are many trains stopping here. Here is a link with the list of trains running from Mumbai and some other cities:

Train from Goa to Karwar only takes 34mins.

There is Kadamba and many other buses from Goa to Karwar which take about 1 and a half hour to reach.

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Pre-Wedding :


Yashu - 9920316026

Rahul - 9004696427


During Wedding:

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