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Jeremy's 50th Birthday
Sunday December 11th, 2022
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Jeremy's 50th Birthday
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Sunday December 11th, 2022


Jeremy Rensford warmly invites you to join him in celebrating his 50th birthday!


Sunday 11th December 2022.


He’d love for you to join him at GVCF Church from 10.30 am for a service (approx. 1.5hrs).


You are also welcome to just attend for light refreshments following the service from 12 pm-1.30 pm.

Cake cutting and formalities will be between 12.30 pm-1 pm


Please RSVP by Monday 5th December using the link below. Thank you.


For questions or further information contact

Linda 0425 294 833


GVCF Church
9 Pine Road Shepparton

We look forward to your attending. Please kindly reply here.
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  • Darren Healey 
  • 12/9/2022 16:06 
  • Happy birthday mate, sorry, I'm in Tassie

  • Leigh Johnson 
  • 12/9/2022 10:28 

  • Wallie 
  • 12/7/2022 19:59 

  • Ron and Pat Nicholls 
  • 12/7/2022 19:24 
  • Sorry jezza but I am in Melbourne. We hope you have a great day Didn't realize you were that old 😀

  • Sharon Lindsay 
  • 12/7/2022 16:23 

  • Ryan Black 
  • 12/6/2022 13:44 

  • Lang Yii 
  • 12/6/2022 07:59 
  • Happy birthday Jeremy! Look forward to your celebration!

  • Daniel Reardon 
  • 12/5/2022 17:13 

  • David lepore 
  • 12/5/2022 09:25 
  • Happy 50th birthday Jeremy! Unfortunately won’t be able to make it on the day but hope it’s a great day and you feel all the love.

  • Abby 
  • 12/5/2022 07:16 
  • Thanks for the invite. Happy Golden Jubilee Celebration 🥳💃

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