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Wedding Reception
19 January 2018 Friday 12 Noon - 2pm
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Wedding Reception
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19 January 2018
Friday 12 Noon - 2pm

Sindhu and Kasi Thiagarajan


Invite you to share in the joy of the marriage of their daughter









Son of Mrs Kanagambal and Mr V Muthuganeisan





On Friday the 19th of January 2018

Between 12 Noon and 2pm.


at “VN House”

Kumaravelur 630411

Tamilnadu, India


Best Compliments

Vijay K Thiagarajan

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"VN House"
Kumaravelur, Tamilnadu
Sivagangai District
(10 min from Kalayar Kovil)

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Call +91 98947 20000

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  • Our family's best wishes and prayers for a happy and blessed life 
  • 2018/1/18 10:04 

  • Our hearty wishes to both of you. 
  • 2018/1/18 06:23 

  • My hearty wishes to both of you. I am so sorry I couldn't attend. Looking forward to meet you both sometime soon. 😀 
  • 2018/1/1 08:08 

  • We wholeheartedly wish and pray the Almighty to shower the abundant blessings on the young couple. CA Manoharan.A, JD-F, CSB, Bangalore 
  • 2017/12/25 23:37 

  • Happy with long live 
  • 2017/12/24 04:49 

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