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Isabella's Christening!
August 17th, 2019
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Isabella's Christening!
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August 17th, 2019

Join us for the Christening of our daughter 

Isabella Theodora Moustaka


on Saturday, August 17, 2019
at 6:00 PM
Agia Marina, Leof. Thiseos 54, Ekali 
Dinner will follow at 'Yellow' Char. Trikoupi, Kifissia
Nonos: James Soumilas
Nona: Katerina Theodorou and Georgia Moustaka

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  • Roberto 
  • 8/16/2019 16:17 

  • Iris 
  • 8/16/2019 16:17 

  • Nikos d 
  • 8/16/2019 16:16 

  • Lambros 
  • 8/11/2019 14:19 

  • Christina 
  • 8/11/2019 14:10 

  • Megan 
  • 8/10/2019 22:29 
  • See you soon xx Megan

  • Antonis Papavasiliou 
  • 8/6/2019 14:41 

  • Katerina Theodorou 
  • 8/5/2019 12:12 

  • Janet T 
  • 8/5/2019 12:11 

  • Gillian Beckwith 
  • 7/26/2019 12:21 
  • We will be honoured to share this special day with you. Xx

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