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R.C.C.G Latrobe Valley, Australia
request the honor of your presence
at the
Isaiah 60:1-5
Friday, March 17, 2023
at 4:00 PM
Apex Park
Waterloo Rd, Moe VIC 3825. Beside Moe Racing Club, Moe.

An Open Crusade That Is Set To Open Door For

1. A moment of praying over Latrobe Valley for healing
2. A time of praying down REVIVAL in the land
3. A time of solid intercession for our land

4. A time to stop further occurrence of natural disaster in the region through prayer

5. A time for people of God to gather together in oneness

6. A time of powerful ministration

7. A time for your personal healing
Come and have encounter with God through His anointed ministers
A special prayer will be offered directly over people during the event by anointed men of God.
Please see Gallery below for more details.

Apex Park
Waterloo Rd, Moe VIC 3825. Beside Moe Racing Club, Moe.

CONTACT: 0438376283, 0402058217, 0469890495

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