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Walina Aime's 1950s 30th Birthday Celebration
December 11th, 2020
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Walina Aime's 1950s 30th Birthday Celebration
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December 11th, 2020

Walina Aime
request your presence
at her 30th Birthday Celebration!
Were taking it back to the 50s!!
Dress to Impress
on Friday, December 11, 2020
 6:30 PM- 7:30 PM Red Carpet 360 Photos/Cocktail Hour
7:30 PM Party Starts 
Ends 12am ish
435 25th st west palm beach fl 33407
Side note: as some people may know, my actual birthday lands on December 4th but I will be celebrating Dec11th.  

Hey my loves! Its my 1st time throwing a party. My 30th will kick off me throwing a party like this every 10 years. So I'm looking forward to you being there. But please let me know if you can't make it as soon as possible. Its greatly appreciated.
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  • Helasse 
  • 12/11/2020 00:39 
  • Yes, 1people will attend.

  • Bicha 
  • 12/9/2020 23:30 
  • Yes, 1people will attend.

  • Yvony Charles 
  • 12/5/2020 00:52 
  • Yes, 2people will attend.

  • walter vilme 
  • 12/4/2020 22:10 
  • Yes, 2people will attend.

  • Anthony Joseph 
  • 12/4/2020 21:53 
  • Yes, 2people will attend.

  • Damaris Hernandez 
  • 12/3/2020 06:12 
  • Yes, 2people will attend.

  • Davina Harmon 
  • 12/1/2020 08:47 
  • Yes, 2people will attend.

  • Feby Francois 
  • 12/1/2020 07:49 
  • Yes, 2people will attend.

  • Edwige Desrosiers 
  • 11/30/2020 10:33 
  • Yes, 2people will attend.

  • Samantha Laurent 
  • 11/30/2020 08:55 
  • Yes, 1people will attend.

{Event location}
435 25th st west palm beach fl 33407
*Parking is on the streets and within walking distance of the venue*

There is a STRICTLY ENFORCED DRESS CODE for this event.


Walina would love everyone to dress in 1950s attire ONLY! So that professional photos and videos will look nice and cohesive. Please follow the dress code or you won't be able to walk in. NO JEANS,NO TEES, NO FLIP FLOPS, NO SNEAKERS, There are examples in the DRESS CODE Tab Below

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Bicha (Host for the Night)

A Haitian comedian known for his hilarious smart witty jokes. He will keep you laughing throughout the whole night. 


Bleeve Poet

A Haitian poet known to bringing you the best in poetry. Very unique poems that keeps you at the edge of your seat.