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Pooja and Kunal’s Baby Shower
November 7th, 2020
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Pooja and Kunal's
Baby Shower
Mobile Wedding Invitations
November 7th, 2020


“Blissful hearts and happy smiles
Having a baby shortly, meanwhile
Those cute little chubby hands and feet
Makes everything worthwhile
Let’s have a party in style!"


"Join us for a baby shower
Do come and grace this hour
Let’s welcome the baby
And bless the lady!”


Saturday, November 7, 2020
at 7PM EST
Location: Antun's by Minar
{Event address:244 W Old Country Rd, Hicksville, NY 11801}





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Hosted by 

Dinesh and Bhavna Aggarwal

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Location: Antun’s by Minar
Event address: 244 W Old Country Rd, Hicksville, NY 11801

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