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Business Event Invitation Online, Easy to Use and Send, Plus Advice

Whether you’re showcasing a new product line or service, launching a brand new business venture, congratulating your team for their hard work on an important project, getting together with your trade or industry colleagues at your AGM or conference, or simply if you are organising an informal business lunch, team building exercise, or drinks after work, our business event online invitations templates are perfect to announce the details to your work colleagues, business associates or important potential new customers!

In this article, we’ll be exploring how our super easy online business event maker saves you time and also helps to save the planet at the same time! Lower your carbon footprint while gaining new customers, or keeping up with your industry colleagues at conferences and trade shows by sending online invitations to your business events. Not only will we guide you through the steps, but you can get in touch through our online support for assistance any step of the way.

Firstly let’s take a look at Four Easy Steps on how to use our online business event invitation maker.

Creating Business Event Invitations Is Simple Using Youvivid

It’s really simple to create your own bespoke business event invitation. Follow the 5 easy steps below to create your own personal business event invitation, share digitally with your colleagues and/or existing and potential customers!

A Business Event Invitation Online - in Four Easy Steps

  1. Choose your business invitation template
  2. Add your business event info
  3. Upload your personalised photo
  4. Share your business invitation with your business and industry associates, work colleagues and customers

Now you can see how simple it is to create a business event online invitation, let’s take a more in-depth look at the Four steps involved in announcing your good news, organising a conference, inviting your industry colleagues to a trade show, launching your brand new exciting business idea or even inviting your work colleagues to an after-work occasion, maybe to celebrate the release of a project, or just to celebrate the end of a busy week!

1. Choose Your Business Event Invitation Template

If you need inspiration for your business event invitation, look no further than our business event invitation template page.

A simple and effective way to announce a special event to your colleagues using our super easy to use online business event invitation maker. Announce the news of your new venture to your industry associates and existing customers or launch your brand new stellar business to potential new customers!

With so many different styles to choose from, we’re certain you’ll find the one perfect for you. Our Royal invitation business event template is perfect for classic events such as more formal conferences,available in blue, red and black to match or compliment your company colours or maybe ‘inkpainting’ for your creative or artistic industry events and businesses.

Take a look below at examples of our digital business invitation range, where you’ll certainly find a template to perfectly compliment your industry or event.

Other Template Styles

We have a large range of other business event invitation templates to match perfectly with your own personal, bespoke event, styles including:

  1. Oriental - perfect for bringing a touch of the orient to your business event or your eastern inspired business
  2. Tech Blue - ideal for your online tech business event
  3. Mono colour - classic black and white
  4. Luxury party - works well with luxury brands and services
  5. Shining platinum - elegant template ideal for jewellery business launches and events
  6. News flash - give your customers a quirky online invitation to your contemporary business launch or conference
  7. Classic European style - ideal for your business with European coverage or to reach out to potential new European customers

Don’t forget to check out our range of coloured templates, which will complement and coordinate with your business logo or corporate colours. Our digital business invitations will compliment your business image perfectly. Many colour options to choose from including reds, greens, and blues, purple

Once you have chosen your template, let’s take a closer look at the other information you’ll need to make sure you can easily create your business event invitation.

2. Add Your Personalised Event Info

Once you’ve chosen your design from our fabulous range of business event invitation templates, add in your own personal event information into the easy form. Make sure you have these details handy when creating your digital online business invitation. These details will ensure your colleagues, trade customers and industry clients have all the essential invite details they need to celebrate your soft launch or new product line with you! Let’s look briefly at the steps below.

  1. Event name
  2. Event date
  3. Start time
  4. Venue address
  5. Contact telephone
  6. Invitor

Now we know the kind of information required, let’s take a closer look at how you can make sure your business event is a super success!

Event Name

This is where you will title your event. It could be a yearly trade show where you catch up with your industry and peers within your particular trade, a particular conference that your company holds to inspire staff and employees.

Perhaps a team building exercise to maximise on relationships within your team and make sure everyone understands their colleagues a little better and how they work - resulting in a more harmonious working atmosphere. It could be the soft launch of your brand new business idea, where you’re looking to reach out to potential customers, maybe a business lunch you’ve organised to help spread the word about your fabulous new product or service, or even if it’s simply just for drinks after work with your colleagues!

Once you’ve named your event the next stage is to look at potential dates to hold your business event on and the time you wish to begin the event.

Event date and start time

Dependant on the type of business event you’re creating, the timing may vary. For instance, for after work events, make sure you take into account your colleagues out of work commitments before deciding on an evening to hold your event.

If you’re planning a conference or trade show, usually these will have a set agenda which you will need to have knowledge of before setting the start and end time. If your event is to introduce a new product or service, it may be an idea to avoid public holidays and main vacation times to make sure you achieve the greatest number of potential customers on your guest list!

Ok, so now you have decided the time, so let’s look at possible venues.

Venue Address

Choosing your venue is an important part of your business event. This may be a yearly trade show or exhibition which is held at the same time and place every year depending on your industry, or you may be given some free reign to decide on the venue.

What makes a good business event venue? Hotels are perfect for larger more corporate events where there are services on offer such as refreshments and lunches, right through to a coffee shop or smaller independent catering establishment for a more informal feel with fewer delegates or guests.

If you’re promoting the launch of a less corporate business idea, maybe a local beauty spot or heritage venue would work well. For drinks after work, your choice is larger and more varied, so make sure you choose somewhere you know will work well with your colleagues and also within easy distance of their homes.

Once you’ve added the important name of the event, event date, event time and location plus your own contact details, it’s time to personalise your event with a digital image. Let’s take a look below at some tips on how to choose your image to convey your message across to your associates and potential customers.

3. Upload Your Personalised Photo

Once you’ve included all the important details of your business event, add a personalised image. Let’s take a look below at the kind of images suitable.

What Kind of Image Should I Choose?

When looking for a digital image to add to your electronic business event invitation, choose an image which shows you, your team or your product/service in its very best light! Good close-ups of your fabulous new product are perfect, or maybe one of your team having some fun on a team-building exercise or maybe celebrating a project release.

Maybe if you’re having a more alternative business event or one which is not traditional, try and really nail your business idea with someone quirky black and white shots. then maybe choose a picture to compliment your theme!

If you have had a professional photo shoot of your new business idea, product or service then this is a great platform to showcase them to your customers and business associates.

Once you’ve chosen your image all you need to do is share your online digital business event invitation, sit back, relax and wait for R.SV.P.

4. Share your Business Invitation

Once you have created your online business invitation you are ready to share with your colleagues, work associates and customers old and new! Our digital invitation maker allows you full unlimited social sharing across email, Facebook and any social network you prefer to use. Once they have received it is quick and easy for them to respond using out quick R.S.V.P feature. Simpler for your guests and quicker for you! No waiting around for the postal service, making the whole process more streamlined for you and your business needs.

‘Youvid is committed to helping you expand your client reach, showcase your fabulous new products and make sure your colleagues and work associates can easily respond to your business event invitation quickly and easily - saving valuable company, and business time.’

So Finally...

We hope this article has been informative and shown you how easy it is to send out digital invites for your business event in just a few easy steps using with youvivids easy invitation maker.

If you have any difficulties or are unsure about any aspects of creating your online business event invitation, you can easily get in touch directly with us here at Youvivid during the process via WhatsApp, so don’t worry, we will be there to guide you every step of the way!