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Smart and Stylish Online Invitation
Personalized for wedding, birthday, special occasion, and business event

Q1: How to create and send invitations for free? How much do I need to pay to upgrade?
Q2: What is the limitation of the free version invitation? How long can I use the upgraded invitation?
Q3: What can I edit in the invitation?
Q4: How do I modify subpage labels, rearrange subpage order and hide and show subpages?
Q5: After paying to upgrade the invitation, can I still modify it for FREE?
Q6: How do I send mobile phone invitations to guests?
Q7: How do I view the RSVP responses from my guests?
Q8: How do I send SMS reminder messages to guests? Do I need to pay for the SMS?
Q9: Can all mobile devices receive an invitation? Are iPads, tablets and computers supported?
Q10: Can recipients of the invitation forward it on to other people?
Q11: How do I add guest's name on the invitation cover page?
Q12: How to use QR code checkin function for business event?

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