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YouVivid Privacy Policy

Dear friends, your privacy, YouVivid absolutely respected and protected. To help you understand how this site collection, use and protection of personal information you provide, so the development of the right to privacy protection policy. Please read the content of privacy policies. 

First, the collection of personal information to collect data YouVivid pipeline as follows: 

1. When you register as a member YouVivid will ask you to provide your personal information, including name, e-mail, date of birth, sex, address, phone number ... and so on. When you become a member, you have a set of account and password and use YouVivid all services provided.

2. YouVivid will keep relevant records you surf or query, the server has generated its own, including your IP address use of wiring devices, phone model, the use of time, using a browser, the browser and click data records .

3. YouVivid will keep your cell phone when you pay, and pay related records, including the phone number you use, pay period, the amount of records.

4. YouVivid publication manufacturers advertising, or YouVivid linked sites may also collect your personal information. Regarding the personal information that you provide, these ads vendor, or link to the site have their own privacy protection policy, its data processing measures do not apply YouVivid Privacy Policy, any joint and several liability YouVivid live.

5. In addition to your initiative to visit the website, to provide personal information, you may also respond to a message in YouVivid website, discussion boards and other initiative to provide personal information such as email and name. This form of information provision is not YouVivid within the scope of the Privacy Policy.

Second, the use of policy Cookies

Cookies are stored in the user's hard drive some brief information from web servers via a browser, you can "Internet Options" in the FireFox browser "Tools" in the "Options", or IE browser "Security" options in the acceptance of cookies modifying the browser, including accept all cookies, set cookies to give a warning when, reject all cookies, etc. Three. The services use cookies to store and track your information to provide tailored and personalized service. If you choose to reject all cookies, you may not be able to use part of the personalized services or participate in part of the activities. In general, the service uses cookies to: 
1. Identify your identity and access your member account information to provide better, more personalized service 
2. Statistical analysis of the number of visitors and browse mode, to see web browsing The case, as content and service improvement reference 
3. Track your participation in promotions, sweepstakes and progress and frequency of game-related activities 
according to your past record of the site visit, the use of third-party websites visited google advertising mechanism in your When presenting YouVivid advertising.

Third, the use of personal data

1.YouVivid main purpose of personal data collection is to market analysis and improvement of web content, providing YouVivid users better service.

2. When you take the initiative to register as a member at YouVivid website, they enter the information, services or activities for YouVivid according to design reference. Where information without your active registering generated, such as IP address of the user machine, the use of time, using a browser, the browser and click on the record and other information, YouVivid only the sum of all user behavior analysis, and will not analyze individual user.

3. When you use pay in YouVivid, transaction records they generate only YouVivid reconciliation sum of all user and behavior analysis, individual users will not have to analyze. 


Fourth, Third parties
  YouVivid will never sell, exchange, or lease any of your personal information to other organizations or individuals. The following three conditions, YouVivid will be under this policy principles, share your personal information with third parties. 

1. In order to provide you with other services or preferential rights, the need to share your information with the service provided or concessions third time, YouVivid will provide a full explanation at the time activity, and prior to data collection to inform you that you are free to choose whether accept the specific services or benefits.

2. YouVivid government agencies are required by law to provide certain personal information, YouVivid will depend on the lawful formal judicial procedures, as well as possible for the user to do YouVivid all the necessary coordination with security considerations.

3. We find that your behavior on the site in violation of terms of service YouVivid member, or product-specific user guide service, or may YouVivid, YouVivid users or stakeholders third person, if the YouVivid reason to believe that expose this information system to identify, contact or take legal action against the people who are necessary, YouVivid have to disclose user's personal information.In addition, based on a good faith belief that the law needs to expose, or to maintain and improve our products, services or other purposes when used to manage, YouVivid website 亦得 expose or read the user's personal information. 

Fifth, modify personal account information

You can modify your own personal account information at any time YouVivid registration and preferences in

Six other precautions

you need to take to maintain your membership account number, password or any personal information. Please note that your personal information whenever you through an open area of the website discussion boards, e-mail, or chat rooms, etc. The initiative disclosed, may be other third party to collect or use, please be especially careful when online. 
The company at any time to modify this policy reserves the right to revised terms will be published in the relevant page on the website of the service, with effect from the date of publication, without notice user.

Seventh, Access to Your Personal Information

You are entitled to view, amend, or delete the personal information that we hold. Submit your request by the Contact us link at page bottom or email your request to service@youvivid.com and we will work with you to remove any of your personal data we may have.


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