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How to Plan a Baby Shower With a Free Baby Shower Invitation Maker!

Looking forward to your baby shower is so much fun. Celebrating the imminent arrival of your new addition to the family is one of the highlights of your pregnancy. During this special occasion you can catch up with loved ones, friends and family who you may not have seen for a while, receive important advice from other mummies and grandma’s while celebrating this celebration of new life.

In this essential guide, we‘ll be showing you how to plan the best baby shower ever! Read on and let’s inspire you to throw a wonderful baby shower!

Sending invitations out by post and waiting for a reply can take too much time out of your busy day, not to mention the cost and the impact on the environment of wasted paper.

So let us help you organise your baby shower with our super easy online digital baby shower invitation maker. It makes it super easy to invite all your friends, family and loved ones to this special occasion marking the imminent arrival of a new little bundle of joy.

You’ll also be investing in your little one’s future by keeping your celebration carbon footprint to a minimum with our selection of online invitations.

Our digital baby shower invitation maker allows all of the following features.

  1. Full HTML editing
  2. Map navigation
  3. Customised R.S.V.P
  4. Unlimited social sharing
  5. Unlimited access

Choose from our lovely selection of cards and send them to an unlimited number of guests for free! Follow the prompts to add your own personal information.

Deliver elegant, high-quality invitations created by our talented in-house team and tailor any of our classic and contemporary designs to compliment your baby shower theme.

Once you’ve decided your venue and the date and time of your baby shower celebration day, read below to find out how easy it is to order!

How Do I Use Youvivid’s Baby Shower Invitation Maker?

In just three simple steps you’ll be ready to send your electronic personalised invitation.

Step One: Choose your design - pick from a range of classic or more contemporary designs

Step Two: Fill in your personalised information. Get prepared before you begin by having the following event information handy to add to your online invitation.

  • Name of Mother-to-be
  • Event date
  • Start time
  • Venue
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Hosts name(s)

Step Three: Choose your image - our super personalised baby shower invitation maker allows you to choose an image of your own from your own device library. If you prefer, use one of our own images designed by our talented team of invitation designers.

Step Four: Share by email or social email, sit back and wait for your R.S.V.P

If you have any questions while creating your own personalised baby shower invitation, get in touch with us by email or WhatsApp us and one of our friendly team members will be on hand to help!

Today we’re going to share with you how to arrange your invitation to throw the ultimate baby shower and answer any questions you have while planning and creating your invitation. So don’t worry there will be too much to think about as we have done all your thinking for you on the invitations, and we’ll be answering questions such as:

  • When is the best time to hold a baby shower?
  • How to decorate for your baby shower?
  • Where can I find the best baby shower invitations?
  • Who should throw your baby shower?
  • What are the best baby shower theme ideas?
  • What games should we play?
  • Important things to know on the day of my baby shower.

Timing is crucial when organising a baby shower, so let’s look at the best times possible to organise a baby shower.

When Is the Best Time to Organise Invitations for Your Baby Shower?

Mothers-to-Be can often find the months before and after the baby is born to be extremely hectic and tiring, so make sure you discuss any ideas of baby shower dates you have with her. The traditional time for a baby shower is usually around 4 to 6 weeks before the birth of the baby. Take a look below for a few reasons why baby showers are held at this time.

  • After 4 to 6 weeks, mummy-to-be will have had enough time to arrange the nursery, shop for any items she hasn’t had a chance to buy for and sort through any presents she has already received
  • Instead of looking after a newborn, changing nappies and trying to grab some sleep, holding a baby shower around 4 to 6 weeks before the birth will give her time to relax and enjoy her day and be able to entertain guests.
  • A baby shower gives some much needed emotional support and also some fun at a time in pregnancy that is historically all about waiting!

So once you have finalised your guest list, you’ll soon need to make sure you use our easy baby shower invitation maker, to take the stress out of waiting for replies and enable you to confirm numbers so you can get on with the other elements of organising your baby shower!

When Should I Send My Baby Shower Invitations?

Here at Youvivid we understand the importance of when to send out your baby shower invitations! We recommend sending your online digital invitation roughly about 8-10 weeks before your baby shower.

This will give your guests sufficient time to plan ahead and make sure they clear their diary for this important event! Invitations are one of the first things to get done when planning so make sure you give yourself plenty of time. Any of the finer details, such as food, decorations and games can be worked out closer to the event.

Ordering custom baby shower invitations add such a lovely and detailed touch to your event.

If you’re wondering who traditionally organises baby showers, take a look below.

Who Should Throw a Baby Shower?

Traditionally the following etiquette rules apply as to who can throw a baby shower. However, there are many baby shower celebrations where the mommy-to-be has organised her own, so feel free to do your own thing if you aren’t looking for a traditional event.

  • It’s not good etiquette to ask someone else to host your baby shower event
  • You and your spouse traditionally do not host your own baby shower
  • Sisters or other family members can throw a baby shower.
  • Usually, it’s the role of a close friend or one of the little one's grandmas to organise the celebration

At a baby shower, it’s important to have some delicious food and drinks to help guests relax and feel really looked after!

What Food Shall We Serve at a Baby Shower

If you’ve chosen to have a more formal sit down meal, you’ll be serving plated meals. It’s a nice idea to maybe have a large sharing pot type meal, such as a large chilli or your favourite kind of chicken stew.

However, these days the trend has moved a little more in favour of baby shower finger foods. Finger foods can be cheaper, a lot less stress to prepare as most of it can be done beforehand and it’s a more social way of dining, as guests can still easily chat to each other while eating tasty little morsels rather than struggling with cutlery and a more formal dining setting.

After everyone is relaxed and has eaten, it’s time to get the party started.

How Many Games Should We Play at a Baby Shower?

Typically baby showers last approximately 2 to 3 hours. On arrival, your guests should be offered refreshments and then free to chat or get to know each other. Usually, once all your guests have arrived and had the chance to enjoy the delicious food that has been prepared, you can start with some fun and games! A good rule is to have 3 to 5 games.

It’s a lovely idea to include a crafting session as a game! Why not try baby shower onesies. Baby’s use so many in their early months, so this is a fun game but is also really practical as they’ll be really useful to mummy-to-be in the busy time to come.

How to Play

Buy enough onesies in different sizes, one for each guest. Stretch them out on a card and pass them around at the party along with a range of crafting materials, fabric paint and other items which are safe for baby.

Baby Shower Themes

It’s a fabulous idea to base the baby shower theme to reflect the interests, hobbies or personality of the mommy-to-be. Regardless of whether the new arrival is a boy or a girl, here are some cool theme ideas to make your baby shower a fabulously memorable event.

  • Camping fun
  • Safari jungle
  • Vintage tea party
  • Seaside adventures
  • Pirates and princesses
  • Classic fairytale
  • Moon and stars
  • Blue baby shower
  • Pink baby shower

Why not use one of our pretty pink invitation templates to coordinate with your theme! And don’t forget, you can add some of the activities you’ll be doing straight into the invite if you want.


We hope this article has helped you plan your extra special baby shower celebration day, with some invitation inspirations, and given you some tips on how to be super organised - knowing your invites are in safe hands.

Don’t forget to check out our range of electronic baby shower invites in a range of colors and themes to compliment your theme. Our easy R.S.V.P gives your friends, family and loved ones the perfect platform to respond to your invitation quickly and easily through our easy to use R.S.V.P. After choosing your baby shower invitation, simply send online and sit back to wait for your replies, and look forward to your wonderful baby shower.

Check out our invitations app now and begin your easy invitation experience.


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