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Wanna invite for birthday party, school reunion, graduation party, housewarming, anniversary, potluck, or gathering for any special occasion? Go pick any template below to start. In editing page, all text are editable and more templates are available to select .
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Look for more party invitation templates? Choose any template above to start create. You can switch to more templates in the editing page.

Online Party Invitations, Themes, Budgets, Venue, Invitations and More

Are you planning a party? Maybe a special occations such as a 40th or 50th birthday party, a farewell party for your work colleague, or even a graduation party? There are so many reasons to organize a party, but preparing a proper invitation cards and postal deliver them to intended invitee and gather attandant information by R.S.V.P can take you bunch of time, effort, and cost, plus there’s the environmental impact of sending cards and invitations in today’s carbon conscious society. So what does one do about it?

Well, we’ve got that covered ...using our super easy online digital invitation service, invite all your friends, family and loved ones to your special occasion and save money, time and more importantly know you’re helping the environment by reducing paper waste.

Full Editing, Unlimited Shares, Maps and RSVPs

You can make and send stylish online invitation to unlimited guests for free and the process is super easy, you’ll walk through all the necessary instructions and have access to the following:

  • Full Editing
  • Unlimited social sharing and access
  • Map navigation
  • Customized R.S.V.P

Deliver elegant, high-quality invitations created by our talented in-house team and tailor any of our huge range of quirky or classic designs to compliment your party theme.

So let’s help you get some essentials in place for when you’ll be filling in your online party invitation, along with some inspirational suggestions to think about while creating your fabulous event!

When you’re planning a party there’s always so much to think about! It’s all too easy to leave your planning to the last minute and forget about those all-important party essentials.

Here at YouVivid, we’ve done the stressful part for you and created a checklist for everything you need to make your party a real success. Simply follow our top tips for your best party ever!

Let’s take a look below at the kinds of parties you may be organizing

Choose Invitation Template that Match Your Event Theme

The first thing to do when planning a party is to decide on a theme. Maybe you’re having a summer beach party graduation, a housewarming for your lovely new home, or planning a children’s party.

It’s very important to choose a theme as until you’ve decided on this, you aren’t able to get going with any other organizing, such as cakes and invitations! So make sure you spend a little time browsing through some party theme ideas.

Most parties fall into one of the following four categories:

  • Kids’ birthdays
  • Seasonal events such as Christmas, Easter, and Halloween
  • Adult birthdays and milestone ages
  • Corporate or work-related gatherings
  • Anniversaries
  • Graduation
  • Retirement
  • Pool Party
  • Housewarming

Decide on Your Budget

Deciding how much you want to spend helps to take the stress out of your organizing and means you don’t get any nasty surprises, cost wise, that you haven’t accounted for. Impulse buying can significantly add up so the best way to avoid over-spending is to decide on a budget and stick to it.

How much should you spend on a party? This is really up to you, but make sure whatever amount you arrive at, you keep within your budget to make sure you can enjoy the process and not have to worry about your depleting bank balance.

Having your party at home and limiting your guest numbers is one of the cheapest ways to celebrate your occasion, so a good option to consider if you have a fairly limited budget.

Here are some great tips on how to plan a party on a budget:

  • Hold the party in your home rather than in an expensive venue
  • Borrow things from friends, for example, extra chairs, glasses or maybe outdoor toys for a children’s party
  • For children’s parties, perhaps share the cost of hiring somewhere by getting together with other parents
  • Host a ‘bring a bottle’ party
  • Ask your guests to bring a dish of food - maybe you could have someone to bring a dessert, another guest to bring a salad, and another for snacks

Set a Date and Choose Your Venue

Setting the date is most probably the easiest part, but make sure you check with important members of your party that they’ll be available as it’s not going to be much of a party if the guest of honor is away on vacation that day!

Setting your date will also depend on your venue too. You need to check your chosen venue will be available to hire on the day of your party.

Make sure your venue is suitable for the type of party you’re holding and that it can also hold the number of guests you’re looking at inviting.

Consider the weather, very important for instance if you are planning an outdoor event, the facilities you may need, for example, will you be catering for your own party so would you require a kitchen area? And finally consider the type of entertainment your chosen venue offers, is the entertainment suitable, or will you be able to provide your own entertainment.

Once you have your venue decided upon, next, decide on your guest list and make sure you give your party goers plenty of time to let you know if they are able to make your grand celebration by sending them an invitation.

Guest List and Invitations

Although you may want to invite everyone in your contact list, make sure you create an amazing party atmosphere by following a few guidelines below to make sure everyone feels comfortable and you have the best time and a really memorable party.

  • Numbers - work out how many people you can comfortably fit in your venue and your overall budget. Remember that there will always be a certain number of guests who won’t be able to attend. Planning for a 20 percent decline in your invitations is a good rule of thumb. Don’t over-invite, but try to make sure your venue will be full enough for a party buzz! There’s nothing worse than an empty room vibe.
  • Gender rules - make sure you invite roughly half women to males, to keep the conversations interesting
  • Invite some party people - have a few chatty, charismatic friends on hand to allow your more timid guests a chance to open up and enjoy the party. Think about food – will you or won’t you have this – is the party timed correctly so that your guests will be hungry?! It sounds obvious but if it starts at say 8pm then a lot of guests may assume they need to eat first – so your time and money may be wasted if you have a huge buffet on offer.
  • Invite Ahead - we’d recommend sending your invites about three weeks before the party to avoid people making conflicting plans.

Once you’ve decided on your guest list, make sure you browse our selection of online party invitations, add your own personal party details, upload a photograph from your own digital library or use one of our party inspired stick images and share, share, share!

Party Food

Deciding upon food is important to make sure you don’t run out of food, which is just not an option at your grand celebration! Plan out your party food in advance and decide on your menu. Match your food to your theme, for example, BBQ food at your pool party. The food at a party is so important for your guests to feel spoiled and well fed, so make sure you do your planning well in advance.

Next on your checklist ...your party cake.

Party Cake

No party is complete without a celebration cake! Order it a couple of weeks in advance to make sure it’s ready on time.

If you decide to make your own have a trial run on any new recipes to avoid any baking disasters. Make sure you allow some time on the day to pick up your cake if necessary or organize delivery. Make sure you order a large enough cake so all your guests can enjoy a slice. Most cakes will have a portion size, so you can check before you order.

If you are ordering a fresh cream cake, make sure you have suitable fridge storage for it on the day. Buttercream cakes will sit more easily at room temperature, dependant on your party season, so for example if you’re throwing a party in the height of dinner, be sure you have somewhere cool on the day to keep your cake at its best.


We hope this article has helped you plan your extra special celebration day and given you some tips on how to get organized.

Don’t forget to check out our range of electronic party invites in a range of colors and themes to compliment your party. Our easy R.S.V.P gives your friends, family and loved ones the perfect platform to give you the good news of your invitation, and I’m sure it will look so captivating from their invite that they’ll be delighted to attend your gathering. So once it’s sent and replied to, all you need to look forward to is a wonderful party.

Check out our invitations app now and begin your easy invitation experience.


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