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Invite people to share the happiness of birth announcement, birthday party, or any special moments of your families? Start edit your charming digital invitation here.
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The Benefits of using Free online birthday invitation maker

When inviting people to any sort of occasion, it is imperative that your invite is neat, tidy and easy on the eyes to allow ease of reading. With our free digital invitation service, users can invite up to 10 guests and have access to the following options:

  1. Unlimited access & sharing
  2. HTML editing
  3. Map navigation
  4. Customized R.S.V.P
  5. Sharing subpage

birthday party planning basics

A good example of using this tool would be for a surprise birthday party for a family member. When planning a surprise birthday party, you must take the honorees age into consideration. For all intensive purposes, we’re going to imagine that in this case, the honoree is between 40 and 60 years old. A good place to start with any party planning is choosing a theme, it may be themed around a hobby this family member has, or you could possibly instruct visitors to dress as characters from the honorees' favourite movie. Food and drinks are of the utmost importance in any party! So be sure to have some snacks set aside for your guests.

Choosing your ideal location

You can host a party in almost any location you desire, but be sure it caters for the number of people you have invited, you wouldn’t hire an entire community hall for a party with 15 guests invited, so if your party is only a small get together, then maybe you could book a table at the honorees’ favourite restaurant, sometimes hosting it in your home would also be a viable option as well as a lot more cost effective than booking a table or renting an entire building for the evening.


Timing is very often overlooked when it comes to birthday parties, but here are some do’s and don’ts

  • Do:
    Consider asking the honoree if they want to get together to hang out at the time you’re planning your party, this way, you can get an idea if they are available or not, if they reschedule the date for the two of you to meet up then you should probably reschedule your party for that day
  • Don’t:
    Try and avoid throwing the party after your honorees’ birthday or they might think that you’ve forgotten about their birthday!


This only applies if you’re not booking a table at a restaurant.
Refreshments are expected at any party, for someone in their 40’s or above, easy to prepare and eat food would be the best option, if you don’t feel like preparing all of the food, you could look to hire a catering company for the occasion that can sort out refreshments for you. If your party is midweek, people will expect a meal, whereas if your party is at a weekend, people will expect light drinks and appetizers.

Guest list:

Decide how many people you would like attending the party, but also take the honorees personality into consideration, if they’re not a very outgoing person, then maybe inviting 30 people to your party isn’t the best of ideas. In this case, you’d want to invite a few of their close friends and relatives so you’d have a good but relatively quiet night. If your honoree has a friend that is excited about the party, you might want to invite them to help you organise it.

Invite your guests:

Once you’ve set up your guest list and have a good idea of how many people you would like to attend this party, you need to send out invitations, that's where we can help, our free digital invitation service will be able to create 10 sleek looking digital invitations to send to your intended guests, if your party is going to be a big get together, you could invite up to 120 guests for only $29.95! In this invitation, you could inform your guests to come dressed up if it’s a themed party or to help bring gifts with food and drinks.


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